About Us

Dee Light Bakery is the realisation of a childhood dream for owner Dee Monteleone, who has been making cakes professionally for 16 years.

As a child in Australia, Dee spent many happy hours baking with her mother and grandmother and got her first job in a bakery at the age of 14. From that moment on, Dee wanted to run a cafe bakery of her own, so, when she finished her studies at college, she came to London looking for ideas.


She worked as a nanny and began making celebration cakes for the family and their friends. Dee received so many compliments about her cakes that she decided to take her studies further. She enrolled at South Bank University and studied at the National Bakery School, receiving full distinctions in Creative Technology, Level 1 & 2.

Dee originally intended to go back to Australia to set up her business, but then she met her husband, and decided to stay in London. She started her own company Dee Light Cakes, which she ran until she had her two children.

Since then, Dee has been making cakes for private clients and teaching cake decoration classes. She still teaches for Divertimenti in central London and is also teaching in her own bespoke classroom in the back of the Dee Light Bakery shop. Her passion for baking shows. Her clients love her celebration cakes and she is an inspirational teacher.